Safety Procedures

Fire Drills

Drills for fire shall be performed routinely throughout the school year. During these drills we will work towards fast and non-emotional evacuation of the building. At least one drill will be for an active shooter, and this may be a table-top drill.

Tornado Drills

Drills for tornado shall be performed in the spring, and as needed. During these drills students and staff will practice going to specific pre-determined spaces. Depending on the nature of the situation, these pre-determined spaces could change.

For drills the intercom system, phone, School Reach will all be utilized. Other modes of communication will be used as possible.

In a lockdown, whether a drill or real, students will be accounted for, all doors will be locked, students will remain in the room until all clear.

In an evacuation students will get out of the building quickly and calmly. If it is not possible students will barricade, hide and lock doors.

Intruder Drills

Drills for intruders in the building shall be conducted annually at a minimum. These drills may consist of a table talk drill, which presents various scenarios about a possible crisis, and what to do. These drills may also consist of performing an actual mock evacuation, or lockdown – or both.

The curriculum shall consist of awareness and discussion about safety procedures, possible crisis situations, and drills. The book “Be Prepared not Scared” shall be read to elementary students. Students in all grades shall be informed of our safety procedures, which is an on-going process.


In a significant emergency School Reach will be used to communicate to the public. Students, employees, local and county police, and those who regularly use the school shall be included in this communication. Parents can sign up for these communications, and are encouraged to do so. Other media, including Facebook, shall be used as time and the situation permits.

Citizens in the school can report threats to the school district by calling the Allamakee County Police (563) 568-4521 or local law enforcement. If it is found that a fraudulent or prank threat has been reported, criminal action will be taken against the reporter.

In the event of an evacuation drill or crisis a reunification plan shall be in place. Parents may pick up their child at designated areas. Parents may have a check-in location and your child will be delivered to you. You may need to fill out a reunification card to determine who you are. All students will need to sign out, and we expect parents to understand and work with us in this process.