Course Handbook

General Registration Information

Course registration is a critical process for students in that it has a direct impact on options available after high school.  Prior to registering for courses, consideration must be given to overall educational and career goals.  The information provided henceforth in this registration handbook allows students to create their personal educational pathways at Kee High School.

The creation of a student’s educational pathway involves the following simple steps:

  1. A thorough review of all of the information contained in the registration handbook so as to understand all available opportunities.
  2. Completion of the grade appropriate form entitled “Kee High School Course Registration Worksheet” that lists exactly what courses are required and desired for the upcoming school year.

Schedule Changes

Initial course registration ultimately determines the number of sections of each course offered in a trimester.  The supply of textbooks, desks, and instructional materials is derived from the numbers gathered during registration.  All schedule changes must be made within the first 3 days of course start date.

Senior Year plus programs

The Placement in College Credit (PICC) allows juniors and seniors to enroll part-time at an eligible community college, state university, or private college in Iowa. PICC courses are taken for high school credit and/or post-secondary credit.  All necessary course and credit arrangements are made with the principal or guidance counselor prior to taking a course under this law.  Students are able to take a maximum of three PICC courses per semester. Students may be responsible for paying the tuition if a course is failed or dropped beyond the drop date.  Therefore, PICC courses are recommended for highly motivated students only.

Concurrent Enrollment. The concurrent enrollment program, also known as district-to-community College sharing, promotes rigorous academic or career and technical pursuits by providing opportunities for high school students to enroll part-time in eligible nonsectarian courses at or through community colleges. Per Senior Year Plus, concurrent enrollment courses are offered through contractual agreements between community colleges and school districts within their service area.

Graduation Requirements

Total Credits Necessary for Diploma:  60

Total Credits Required Courses:  40

Total Credits Elective Courses:  20+

Course Descriptions